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Welcome to the temporary home for Half-Lifes's newest mod "Desert Warfare"

Tanks - We will have several kinds of tanks. A)Stationary and not working. B)Stationary and wrecked. C)Stationary Wrecked and Burning. D)Stationary and Fireable. E)Moving in one or two directions on (invisible) traks and Fireable. Tanks fire mortar rounds. Some tanks have an SG mounted on them, but it only works as an AR. Map builders are encouraged to use one or more of these types of Tanks for every map. See more on these weapons in the Forum.

Assault Vehicles - Assault vehciles can only fire AR guns. Some of these ARs will be permanent and others detachable SG's. Only the Assault Team and Tech Specialist's can detach the SG guns with their wrench. Two main kinds of Assault vehicles (perhaps only two) are Bradleys and Jeeps.

Trucks - Non moving trucks make great cover and help make a map seem real. We hope to use several kinds most notably the transport type cargo truck with the tarp canopy roof. Like on the TFC map Hunted. Some will have open backs you can climb into and others sealed.

Helicopters - Hopefully we will have four kinds. A) Crashed Helos. B) Grounded helos. C) Helos you can jump on and fly away as in Tour of Duty (see forum). D) Helos overhead that you cant use as in Tour of Duty mod.

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