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Black Ops:: These fighters can go in behind enemy lines to take out the target. They can cloak as the enemy and become spys. If they have a knife out they can kill without making a sound. Being cloaked wearing the enemy uniform doesnt keep them from getting killed by the Sentry Guns though. If they need to get a target eliminated they dont have to wait for back up. They also carry a prototype AR. And If need be, they can use the two grenades they carry or their pistol.

Weapons carried 1-5 = 1.Prototype AR 2.Laser Pistol 3.Shotgun. 4.Grenades 5. Combat Knife
Right clicking on weapons 1.&2. give you laser sights.
Health 10<>Armor 8<>Speed 8

Tech Specialist:: These men have alot of know how. They can build a Sentry Gun. The armies have planted coded signals in their weapons. This is how the Sentry Gun (SG) works, it scans for freindly signals, if it locks on a weapon not carrying the signal it fires. Tech Specialists dont carry around these weapons with them. They have to grab these off of Tanks or maybe a spare one lying around in supply. When not building SG's the Tech Specialist can also be used to plant a detonation device. If he needs protection he can use his MegaTon Shotgun. If he runs out of shells he always has his wrench!

Weapons carried 1-5 = 1.Megaton Shotgun 2.Laser Pistol 3.Shotgun 4.Grenades 5.Wrench
Right clicking on weapon 1. shoots all four barrels, on 2. gives you laser sights
Health 10<>Armor 8<>Speed 8-normal,6-with SG

Commando:: When talk is no longer an option these soldiers are the first to get down and dirty. They carry as a main weapon a RPG launcher. They have been seen to use these to jump up on roof tops! They also can carry a SG gun if they put down their RPG launcher. Mind you without the Tech Specialists base it wont work on auto-sentry. But the assault team can just squeeze the trigger for a fully auto hail of lead kisses. When carrying the RPG they move at normal speed and carry a normal amount of armor. But when walking around with the SG gun they are slowest force known to man.

Weapons carried 1-5 = 1.RPG2 2.Laser Pistol 3.Shotgun 4.Grenades 5.Wrench
Right click on 1. and both barrels fire one right after the other, on 2. for laser sights
Health 10<>Armor10<>Speed 8-normal,6-with SG

Recon:: This is the fastest group of soldiers. But to be this fast they carry almost no armor or weapons. They do carry a sniper rifle. A laser pistol, a couple of grens and a knife. They also carry a med kit which although very small, does have adrenaline and some other stuff to help heal their commrades.

Weapons carried 1-5 = 1.Sniper Rifle 2.Laser Pistol 3.Shotgun 4.Grenades 5.Combat Knife Right click on weapon 1. to zoom in, on 2. for laser sights.
Health 10<>Armor 6<>Speed 10

ALL CLASSES:: Carry a Laser Pistol (weapons class 2), Shotgun (weapons class 3), Grenades (weapons class 4). Tech Specialits and Commandos carry a wrench (weapons class 5) while the Recon and Black Ops carry a Combat Knife (weapons class 5).

Specialists:: Tech Specialists and Commandos carry a wrench. They can use this to take apart a SG from a Tank or other Assault vehicle. While carrying the SG they loose a good deal of speed but can fire the weapon as an AR. Only the Tech Specialist though can attach it to a SG Base. The Tech Specailist can grab and SG base from his Equipment Bag. The Tech Specialist can use his wrench to fix Armor. The Tech Specialst can use his "E" key to grab a ThremoNuke to blow stuff up!
The Commando can only use the Wrench to smash things and take apart an SG. (but not if the SG is on the SG Base).
Recon units have a med kit in their Equipment Bag. It has a shot of Adrenaline to give health to team mates.

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