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Two large armies dominate the world in 2055

Alliance:: Also known as AIM-the Alliance of Independent Monarchies. They proudly wander the desert in their dark uniforms, the ones displaying their green, yellow and black colors of the flag. It is said the King of Germany himself, King Adolf Huessein designed the flag. Countries that have joined the Alliance include; Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, France and Germany. Many of the smaller countries like Belgium, have been gobbled up by neighbors like France.

:Flag/Arm Patch:Arm Patch

Coalition:: Also known as CoDE- Coalition of Democracy. Combining the red,white and blue of the majority colors the code flag flies proudly over most of the free world. The sand camo unforms can be seen be these coaltion forces nations; USA, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Japan, Singapore and New Australia. (like many smaller countries New Zealand merged with its larger neighbor, Australia). Singapore itself has sprawled thru all of Southeast Asia and now borders with India and Korea.

:Flag/Arm Patch:Arm Patch

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