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Most of the maps are one of two kinds,CTF and CP. CTF stands for Capture The Flag. CP stands for Capture Point. Most Capture Point maps have 4 or 5 flags that teams must control to gain and hold ground.
Naming Maps: A simple system borrowed from TFC for naming maps. MapName = original map; MapName_r = revised edition (minor but important changes only); MapName_l =league play (a lil less detail to help r_speeds etc); MapName2 = 2nd Version (completely redone off the hook stuff); MapName_n night maps (must use night vision goggles or a flashlight on these maps or youll bump into alot)

[Map List]

Karbala - Fierce fighting among these ruins

Medina Ridge - Two ridges facing each other covered by tanks.

Baghdad - Big City combat

Compound - Lots of bunkers and tunnels and trenches

Tehran Airport - With lots of helos overhead , who will control the landing areas?

King's Palace - Just outside of Amman, the King of Jordan tries to hold his ground.

Burning Oil - These large oil feilds in Iraq can be controled. Who will control the valves? Will the sky be filled with flame under AiM or be clear as the CoDE forces shut the valves off?

Basrah - This small seaport controls access to the worlds largest oil feilds. The battle is fought among the wharfs and industrial buildings in thie lil piece of heaven.

Euphrates - For many years both armies have tried to control this river and its stragetic location.

Tigres - One huge bridge gets troops across this massive river. Which army will collect the toll?

Mosque - Surely no fighting in this sacred place of worship.

Temple Square - Not really a square and not really a house of worship anymore.

Kabul_Gap - High desert pass thru the mountains, no mans land.

Damascus - Fierce fighting for this anciet holy city, now moslty in ruins

Amman - Nothing but stucco buildings crowed together, easy to get lost, not sure were the enemy is. Your eyes search all the dark doorways and window openings, what was that?

Tel Aviv - Pretty white stucco building on this seaside city. AIM is trying to take control. Will CODE save this gem of the middle east?

Anhkara - Beautiful ancient ruins and temples in this Turkish city. Turkey once a ally of CODE now does battle with AIM.

Betrayed2 - Will the awesome (some say best ever)TFC hunted map, be remade for Desert Warfare.

Jihad - At one end of the canyon lies the CODE forces. They walk head on into a small village at the mouth of the caynon. The last place they will find freinds. For just across the small river lies another village. he AIM forces have left their caynon base and have declared a Jihad.

Valley of Fire - A wide caynon is the home too both CODE and AIM as they try to stay out of the desert above and its feirce winds. Climb up to the top of this canyon and you may sneak by, but you may get knocked off by the wind howling above.

Sandstorm - Your squad couldnt find shelter and are caught among the plains and ruins and palm trees in a driving sand storm. Controling your territory is easy, but drop down into the large ravine and you'll run into the enemy. If you live , at least youll be out of the storm.

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