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[History of Modern Desert Warfare]

The year is 2055. Many can still remember what started this new world order. It all started in 2003. That was the year several nations led by the USA, Great Britain and Australia invaded Iraq to take down a corrupt dictator. It went well, and in less than one year a new government was installed. But many countries were upset, that old allies in the United Nations did not help this new coalition. The US, Britain and Australia decided to start a new global governing body. Other countries soon joined this new coalition including; Poland, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Japan and others. Reluctantly other democracies joined including Canada and Mexico. This new group would become known as CoDE or the Coalition of Democracy.

The newly reformed socialist nation of France along with other Islamic nations tried to keep the United Nations alive, but without the United States money it soon fell apart. At the same time, around 2007, the US and other CoDE nations fealt pressure to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. Many in the USA protested, that, like in Germany and Japan after World War 2, the conquering nation didnt leave. Instead they stayed and the United States built military bases and helped rebuild the economies of these nations. These bases remain to this day- over 60 years later! Now CoDE was planning to abandon these places, just years after freeing them? But under intense pressure, much of the worlds people demanded that CoDE leave and let these Islamic nations to not only self rule but to rebuild their militaries.

It wasn't much after the USA and other CoDE nations left Iraq and Afghanistan that these nations began infighting for control. Not suprisingly the Generals of these Nations would become the new leaders. Much like Pakistan's President. In fact many of the Islamic nations looked toward Pakistan for guidance.

Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and most of the Middle east formed their own alliance. The King of France also joined and the new group of terrorists formed AiM: the Alliance of Independant Monarchies. Some nations in the region though remained nuetral playing one side against the other. Saudi Arabia and Egypt along with the newly reformed USSR wouldn't take sides. Instead they recieved many gifts while the two groups tried to court them.

But the year is 2055 and both AiM and CoRE are firmly entrenched in their bases of power. Both armies are looking for the next great leader to bring them victory and the heads of their enemies!

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