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Check out Sands of War @ modDB topmods listing!Check out Sands of War @ modDB topmods listing!


Progress Report
Last updated September 24, 2003

Totals 77.5% of the mod is nearing completion

Coding (30 of 35%)
Overall InGame HUD Startup Menu GUI

Modeling (27.5 of 27.5%)
Player Models Weapons Models Flag & Misc. Models

Mapping (10 of 17.5%)
Construction Testing

Mod Team (7.5 of 10%)

Mod Development (2.5 of 10%)
Levels of Completion

This page is still under construction and explanations for each area are to follow. Progress report is a rough estimate of the amount of work we expect each area to command. Some areas may require more work than we anticipate and others less. Please use these numbers a guidline only. Always looking for modelers and coders, do you have what it takes?

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